About WeJam DJ Academy

WeJAM DJ Academy, Inc. is an instructional institution that focuses on instructing students in the art of DJing as a hobby or as a profitable business.  WeJAM DJ Academy, Inc. implements a holistic approach when delivering the curriculum, which is 30% classroom instruction and 70% hands-on.  The lessons are engaging, relevant and fosters collaboration.  WeJAM DJ Academy, Inc. has three locations: Chicago (Connect Gallery Hyde Park), Truman College (Northside) & Melody Mart Inc (Homewood, IL) and targets students starting at age 10 years on up.  Whether you are new to the DJ game or a seasoned DJ, WeJAM is here to help.  WeJAM DJ Academy, Inc. also has Non-For-Profit "leg" of the organization which focuses on providing DJ training for "at-risk" youth and DJ services for other non-for-profit organizations.  WeJAM DJ Academy, Inc. also establishes strategic partnerships with various community organizations and after-school programs.  WeJAM stands for "We're Joined Around Music".  


DJ Classes 

WeJAM offers group and private DJ lessons for teens (10-17yrs) and adults. Classes are facilitated by experienced DJs, in a classroom and lab environment.  The curriculum is relevant, engaging and fosters collaboration. Upon completion of the classes, students will have a solid foundation on DJ theory, the "art" of DJing and have a solid foundation for developing a profitable mobile DJ business. 


DJ Services

WeJAM DJs have over 20 years of experience entertaining all age groups, for any occasion.  WeJAM DJs pride themselves on their professionalism, innovation and experience to play for any type of crowd.  WeJAM specializes in wedding receptions, corporate/private events, teen events (w/ teen DJs), sound engineering and equipment rentals.  


community service

WeJAM's not-for-profit "leg" works closely with the Chicago Public Schools, After School Matters and various community centers throughout Chicago to provide engaging after-school DJ clinics & workshops.  Students are introduced to the "art" of DJing and gain an understanding of how to potentially create a profitable DJ business.  The primary targeted demographic is "at-risk" youth.                                

our mission cycle

  1. Help ASPIRING DJs to understand DJ fundamentals and to become GOOD DJs.

  2. Help GOOD DJs to become GREAT DJs.

  3. Help GREAT DJs to become EXCEPTIONAL DJs so they can help those that ASPIRE to DJ.

Our Vision

“Every household should have access to a skilled, musically versatile, professional DJ that can call on to service any type of event.”

- Nick Nicholson, Owner & CEO

Segment filmed on 08/31/19 at WGN studios for Micah's "People to People" show.

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