wejam dj s.t.e.m. academy

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The WeJAM DJ S.T.E.M. Academy focuses on providing DJ training to students ages 10-17, primarily for after-school and community programs.

WeJAM DJ S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. Alignment:

  • Science: We discuss in detail topics related to sound waves, frequencies, and tone as they related to live and recorded music.

  • Technology: We take a deep dive into the DJ software (Serato) and how it interfaces w/ the computer/laptop and the various controllers.

  • Engineering: This component correlates w/ the technology strand, by expounding on the coordination of sound patterns and musical arrangements. We also expose students to sound engineering skills using various analog and digital audio boards and interfaces.

  • Arts: We explore the various genres of music and provide a comprehensive history/background of the evolution of DJing spanning from the early 1900s to present day.

  • Math: An essential skill set that every DJ needs to learn and master is "beat matching", which involves a seamless transition from one song to the next. Beat matching is based upon a standard 8 count measure, which every song follows, and involves understanding every song’s tempo or BPM (beats per minute). Students will spend a great deal of time counting their beats for beat matching, cueing songs and creating loops. Additionally, students will gain a sound understanding of tempo/BPM (beats per minute) for matching songs with similar tempos and key.

Upon completion of the WeJAM DJ S.T.E.M. program, students will have a solid understanding of DJing using the Serato DJ software on various DJ controllers.  Specific skills learned are:  Beat-Matching, Setting Cue Points, Looping, Scratching, 4/8 Count, Using Effects (FX), sound system set up, key audio terms and troubleshooting sound problems. 

The WeJAM DJ S.T.E.M. Academy schedule can be customized to accommodate any schedule.  The program runs for 6 weeks for about 90 minutes per session.  Session size should not exceed 20 students.  WeJAM provides the DJ controllers and the hosting site provides a computer lab or laptop cart.  WeJAM has partnered with the following programs to provide the WeJAM DJ S.T.E.M. Academy:

Chicago Public Schools

Truman College

university of chicago

hyde park farmers market

Take Your Place, Inc

Youth Guidance


Stone Academy (Gary, IN)  

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