This 3 week course covers the following topics through classroom lectures and hands-on labs facilitated by WeJam Certified Coaches (Youth Classes & Adult Classes).  This class meets twice a week from 6:30PM - 8:30PM.

Course Overview

  • DJ History
  • DJ & Sound Engineering Terminologies & Concepts
  • DJ Hardware Overview & Lab (1200 Turntables, CD Players, DJ controllers)
  • DJ Software Overview & Lab (Deep Dive w/ Serato DJ)
  • 4/8 Count & Cue Points
  • Equipment Setup, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Beat Matching/Blending, BPM, Scratching, Looping & EFX
  • The Business of DJing

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Upon completion of this course, participants will have a sound understanding of audio/DJ terminologies, basic beat matching, cuing, scratching, equipment set up & troubleshooting.  

Participants will also receive a WeJam Certificate of Completion, a WeJam DJ Academy membership card good for discounts at any of our local sponsors, a flash drive of music to start a digital database and will be added to the WeJam DJ database which will allow them to bid on paying gigs that request WeJam DJ services.  *Flex payments available  

WeJAM Coaches Nick Nicholson, Steve Simmons, Dave Yarbrough, Amahdy Bradley & DJ Wyld Chyld

A deep dive into serato dj - $50

This 2 hour course immerses the participants into a "Deep Dive" of the Serato DJ software.  The following is a list of some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Understanding the software layout and how it interfaces with a DJ controller
  • Analyzing Your Music Library
  • Understanding the Beat Grid, BPM and Mixing "In Key"
  • Configuring and assigning effects (EFX)
  • Configuring Serato DJ for peak performance
  • Creating Smart Crates
  • Cue Points, Loops & Instant Doubles
  • Recording in Serato DJ
  • Overview of Serato Video DJ
  • Overview of Serato Sampler
  • Exploring Serato Expansion Packs
  • Integrating Pulselocker Music w/ Serato DJ
  • Upgrading your software and installing hardware drivers

Participants should have a basic understanding of Serato DJ.  DJ Controller and laptop required

Speed mixing w/ DJ Wyldchyld - $75

This 2 day class will teach participants how to effectively "speed" mix and scratch using Serato DJ. A basic understanding of Serato DJ is highly recommended, but not required as a prerequisite for this class. Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Learn how to set Cue Points & Loops in Serato DJ
  • Understand how to utilize "Instant Doubles" in Serato DJ for single deck or Turntables
  • Learn how to create song Mash Ups with instrumentals and accapellas
  • Learn the best techniques for organizing your music library
  • Gain a sound understanding of the 4/8 count
  • Learn how to integrate DJ samples, loops and audio transitions
  • Improve accuracy and precision when blending, scratching and mash-ups

Participants should bring in their own DJ equipment for this class.

Facilitated by WeJAM Coach DJ Wyld Chyld

the Business behind DJing - $35

Are you ready to take your DJ game to the next level by developing a profitable DJ business? Well this session is what you need!

Upon completion of this 2.5 hour session, participants will:

  • Learn techniques on how to land higher paying gigs
  • Learn how to establish a DJ residency
  • Learn techniques on how to master the Wedding Reception
  • Learn proven marketing techniques to help grow a protitable DJ business & build your DJ business brand
  • Receive valuable resources that can make your marketing and communications more professional
  • Hear from seasoned DJs about lessons learned and techniques that work for them

Facilitated by Nick Nicholson, Owner & CEO (WeJAM)